A flower couldn’t flower as it worried that its colours were too brash


A flower couldn’t flower  
as it worried
that its colours
were too brash
for all the
duller looking colours
of the flowers
in its patch
it felt a fragile fearful feeling
that its petals
might conflict
with all the normal
looking petals
that it saw around
this instinct
made the flower
sink and cower
till it couldn’t see the sun
and start to hate itself
deciding that its
flower days were done
and that its purpose
was instead
to fall apart
and feed the ground
and leave the flowering
to all the normal seedlings
in the crowd.

A flower had gone sour
as it worried
that its colours
were too bland
and that the more
empowered flowers
thought it
didn’t understand
its proper purpose
positive that
it was surplus
to the bunch
and that it wouldn’t
really matter
if it vanished
so it hunched
up in a ball
until it felt it was
the smallest
flower flowering
and altered its intended end
from flourishing
to floundering
and aimed at decomposing
into particles of compost
just to feel as though it
had some kind of function
in the cosmos.

A flower met a flower
on a day that they
were both about to quit
as they felt lonely
in the world
and thought they didn’t
really fit
they both felt lost
and felt the cost
to show their petals
was too much
and since they couldn’t
be themselves
they may as well just
turn to mulch
but then the flowers
crossed their stalks
and talked for hours
till they beamed  
as they both saw
that they’d been living  
in a make-believe regime
they thought existed
as a colour code
restricted by their peers
but after sharing their concerns
a calming truth
was finally clear
that they’d imagined
all these doubts
of how the other flowers feel
without considering the prospect
that these worries
were not real.

And just like that,
with a weight off their backs,
disregarding assumptions
and embracing the facts,
both the flowers let loose,
every colour revealed,
and grew into the sturdiest
flowers in the field.

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Adam Millett is a freelance writer for hire with an affinity for dressing up as Spiderman and writing about saving the planet. He likes to climb trees and stare at the stars in his spare time and likes to help businesses tell their sustainability stories while he’s working. Visit his website at if you want to tell the world yours.

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