Everyone is who they are let them be who they are they will bleed if their greed goes too far


Everyone is who they are
let them be who they are
they will bleed
if their greed
goes too far
in this life or the next
there are ropes round our necks
and they snag when we’re
to play anything else
but the role
that was written for us
like we’re breaking the trust
between us
and the life in the dust
that creates
so for greatest of sakes
let each one just embrace
their own space
in a way that their brain
stays in place
so they’ll grow
from inside
in their mould and
with pride
with no ache to atone
or desire to divide
all the love that’s within
into slivers so thin
each is destined to stray
off and tangle with sin
being forced to grow cold
as faint fragments of soul
with no core
to make sure
that they’re aimed or controlled.

typed cell division
constantly ensures that
other cells can be risen
and this
happens inside us
but rarely divides
it divides the little guys
that make sure we remain
like us.
though these cells are just copies,
really one in the same,
each one
takes its own form
with no feelings of shame
or divide in itself
as these cells build our health
just by being themselves.
No disguises.
No stealth.

So everyone is who they are
or they are who they is
let it be
and hope nature’s not
taking the piss.

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Adam Millett is a freelance writer for hire with an affinity for dressing up as Spiderman and writing about saving the planet. He likes to climb trees and stare at the stars in his spare time and likes to help businesses tell their sustainability stories while he’s working. Visit his website at wordchameleon.com if you want to tell the world yours.

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