There’s plenty of pain in the world already so give yourself a break.


There’s plenty of (after this one) lives
and if there isn’t
you won’t notice will you?

Don’t have to do anything
Don’t have to be anything
Don’t have to prove anything
What you are needs accepting before

There’s plenty of reasons to be upset
and plenty to be cheerful
it depends what kind of music you’re into
It’s your reaction; not the action
that unpins you

Don’t think for one lifetime that being a CEO
or being the star of anyone’s show
will bring self acceptance or peace
to your soul;
finding peace in each moment’s the goal

There’s plenty of people die empty before
they achieve what they want to achieve
and plenty of people feel full while achieving
nothing at all
(Now that’s quite the achievement)
It’s the climbing, not the slipping
that commissions the fall

It’s easy to take your eye off the ball
– especially when the ball is make believe
It’s okay to run into the wall
– especially when the wall is make believe

There’s plenty of joy living gratefully

Don’t you ever stop?
to smell the roses?
and realise you didn’t make them?
They smell nicer while they’re alive so
there’s really no reason to take them

Gaze at stars from afar; don’t deface them

There’s plenty of pain in the world already
so give yourself a break
There’s plenty of beauty in you
and there’s plenty
that others would covet and take
The grass
is much greener when you tend to it
so stop climbing on fences and
pick up your rake
Treat your garden with love;
let the rest gravitate

There’s plenty of people
who pack up and leave but
there’s plenty of ashes
that sprout into trees
there are plenty of ways
to be thankful or grieve
and there’s plenty of blessings
to blank or receive
there are plenty of dawns
and there’s plenty of deaths
and there’s plenty of mess
you’ll be pressed to accept
but there’s plenty inside you;
built for finding the way.
forget plenty tomorrow,

you’ve got plenty today.

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Adam Millett is a freelance writer for hire with an affinity for dressing up as Spiderman and writing about saving the planet. He likes to climb trees and stare at the stars in his spare time and likes to help businesses tell their sustainability stories while he’s working. Visit his website at if you want to tell the world yours.

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