Everyone has different paint, the canvas stays the same.


Everyone’s an artist, baby! 
Everyone’s a fool

another’s crazy 
another’s cool 

Everyone’s a piece of work 
that’s worthy of a frame 
Everyone has different paint,

the canvas stays the same 

Everyone’s a fire-fighter 
fighting different smoke 

Everyone’s a business meeting, 
Everyone’s a joke 

Everyone’s a skeleton 
with fish-food wrapped around 
Everyone was once the stars, 
the moons, the trees, the ground 

Everyone’s a pack of lies 
while Everyone’s the truth 
Everyone’s a work in progress 
processing their use 

Everyone’s a helping hand 
while Everyone needs help 

Everyone’s a different way 
existence c’s itself 
Everyone descends from 


mystery of WHY? 

Everyone breathes in and out and in,
and then they die 

should the day come that we realise, 
we’re all leasing the same lease,

I think WE’ll mix our paints together, 
and finally,
create our master(peace).

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Adam Millett is a freelance writer for hire with an affinity for dressing up as Spiderman and writing about saving the planet. He likes to climb trees and stare at the stars in his spare time and likes to help businesses tell their sustainability stories while he’s working. Visit his website at if you want to tell the world yours.

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