We’re all just a bunch of well groomed monkeys staring dumbfoundedly into the abyss.

Erm, that one was actually me. 😐

There’s rarely ever a moment in my life when I don’t find myself at least subconsciously wondering, what in the holy fug is it all about?

Life, ‘reality’, politics, twerking.

What in the world does it all mean? 

I can’t help but feel like we don’t really have the slightest idea how this universe actually works. Quite similar to how a pink coloured monkey with red and green eyes might feel if you sent it into space I’d imagine!

And so, I’ve set up this website to try and make some sense of what it means to be human and alive in this reality of ours, and I’ll be doing it one poem at a time.

My name is Adam Millett, and that’s me up there dressed as a caveman. (Haha, just joking, that’s actually me on a good day!) I come from the west of Ireland originally, but I like to move around as much as possible to sample all the madness this world has to offer. And my god there’s plenty of madness.

I started writing about said madness a couple of years ago while I was living in San Francisco, and have since forged my own disjointed style of what you could probably refer to as poetry. I like to write about the topics that fascinate me, and the ones that confuse me, which covers just about everything, and I’ve finally created a suitable space to share it with the *cough* multiverse. 


So from now on I’ll be posting my poetically written notions here on a regular basis and musing about life and the universe and existence and politics and pretty much any other nonsense that happens to come into my silly head.

Think of it as a literary exploration through the absurdities of a human mind.

Seriously though, come along for the journey if you’d like and follow the site and share it with people and talk about it and tell me what you think in the comments sections! 

Plenty of crazy topics and opinions to discuss and absolutely all views are very welcome. (Just try not to be a willyhead about it!)

The weirder the better. 

Ciao. ❤ 

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